Professional car breakers, for spare parts and scrap metal

At New Forest Metal Recycling, we are committed to disposing of vehicles in the most ecologically sound and cost-effective manner possible. Whilst much of that involves stripping down cars for their recyclable metals, we also act as car breakers in the Southampton area.

What is a car breaker?

In short, whilst we are committed to metal recycling, when a car is brought to us for scrapping there may be parts that are salvageable, or which may be repurposed and used again. It is far more environmentally friendly to reuse a still-functional engine part, rather than break it down for the scant amount of metal it could provide. We also collect cars from all over Southampton

Commonly recovered parts

The sort of parts we typically remove from vehicles, prior to recycling, include light assemblies (headlights, blinkers, tail-lights, and so on), some parts of the exhaust, seats, hubcaps, and mirrors. Major parts like the transmission and the engine are removed and, where necessary, further broken down into their component parts. If the vehicle in question has an unbroken windscreen or windows, we can remove these intact.

Car Recovered Parts

Sourcing a spare part

If your car is in need of repair, but getting the necessary spare part is either difficult owing to the age of the vehicle, or prohibitively expensive to purchase as new, it’s possible we may have one at the site for you to pick up. We always recommend that you phone in the first instance, rather than turn up unannounced. Whilst we’re happy to welcome customers, with the number of parts we process at the site, it’s impossible to guarantee finding the right item there and then.

Used tyres

A common part salvaged from vehicles is the tyres. As professional and licensed car breakers we will only ever repurpose and resell tyres if they are still safe for use under UK legislation. Threadbare tyres are a risk to our customers, other drivers and pedestrians on the road, and we would send these off for recycling elsewhere.

Recovered Batteries

Why choose New Forest Metal Recycling?

There are so many reasons to choose us when looking for a spare part.

Only the best

We are a family-run business with ten years’ experience in the trade, servicing our customers throughout the Southampton area. We are fully trained and licensed car breakers, with a well-deserved reputation for quality and excellence in the city.

Your local car breakers

When trying to source a spare part, we’re often left wondering: where can I find a scrap yard near me? As one of the leading car breakers in Southampton, you should make New Forest Metal Recycling your first port of call, whether you’re after used tyres, an elusive engine part, or a new front seat for your vehicle.

Get in Touch

Whatever you’re after in terms of parts for your car, give New Forest Metal Recycling a call on 023 8066 1060, where a member of our team be only too happy to see if we can lay our hands on it.


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