Professional scrap metal recycling services for the whole of Southampton

As you can no doubt tell from our company name, a significant part of our work involves the collection and recycling of scrap metal from all over Southampton. Over the last ten years our team of scrap metal recycling experts have travelled the length and breadth of this city, picking up scrap metal from domestic customers and commercial clients alike. In that time, we have dealt with thousands of satisfied and repeat customers, providing them with the top prices in the Southampton region, in exchange for their metal for our scrap metal recycling service.

What kind of scrap metal is suitable for scrap metal recycling?

An excellent question. As you probably know,  most metals can be recycled, though the methods vary for different ones. Some of the most popular metals that we collect from our Southampton clients include copper, stainless steel, leads, aluminium, and brass. Not only are we usually able to collect these in larger quantities than more obscure metals, we are usually able to provide our most competitive offers for them. That said, whatever metal you might have on hand, let us know and, if it’s appropriate for our scrap metal recycling facilities, we will be glad to take  it off your hands.

local metal recycling center
local metal recycling center

Who uses New Forest Metal Recycling?

All manner of people and businesses in Southampton take advantage of our top-end scrap metal recycling facilities. Anybody, in fact, who finds themselves with a quantity of scrap metal on their hands that they need to get rid of, are more than welcome to visit us at our site, where we can advise them on our scrap metal recycling process.

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Domestic customers

The sort of material we buy from domestic customers, for use in our scrap metal recycling process, tends to come from house renovations – old piping and wiring, for example – or from metal appliances they are looking to replace. Our experienced team of collectors will pick up domestic scrap metal right across Southampton.

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Commercial clients

From our commercial customers, we can often expect larger quantities of material to feed our scrap metal recycling plant, but we will deal with anything, be it some copper wiring from a rewiring contract, or huge pieces of defunct machinery. Wherever you’re based in Southampton, let our collection team take it off your hands.

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Your local scrap metal recycling centre

We have been providing essential scrap metal recycling facilities to the people of Southampton for the last ten years. We are proud of our association with the city, and how our services help to improve it. Not only do we provide a place for scrap metal to be collected, rather than gathering on the streets and in the working yards of Southampton, but we also provide for the city’s future. Thanks to our scrap metal recycling services, we know that Southampton is moving ever closer to being a green city, protecting the environment for generations to come.

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Get in Touch

For all of your scrap metal recycling needs in and around the city of  Southampton, be sure to make us your very first port of call. Give us a call today on 023 8066 1060, and speak to a member of our friendly and professional staff, who will be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


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Address - Unit 14, Brokenford Lane, Brokenford Business Park, Southampton, SO40 9DY

Copyright © 2018.  New Forest Metal

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Address - Unit 14, Brokenford Lane,

Brokenford Business Park,

Southampton, SO40 9DY