Recycling scrap metal for all our customers in the Southampton area

We collect scrap metal from all over Southampton, helping to clean up this beautiful city while, at the same time, investing in its future by recycling and repurposing as much of the material we collect as possible. After ten years of trading, we are already one of the most prominent scrap metal yards in the area, having provided our services to thousands of customers across Southampton and earning a reputation as the only place in the town you need to contact for all your metal recycling needs. We are fully licensed and regulated scrap merchants and, as conscientious metal recyclers, we look to either reuse or recycle your scrap metal, wherever possible.

Who uses New Forest Metal Recycling?

Our clients come from all walks of life across Southampton. Anyone who has ever thought "where is there a scrap yard near me?" would be welcome to set foot through our gates so we could explain to them exactly how we could be of use.

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Domestic clients

Domestic clients normally have old metal appliances they need to get rid of, or have uncovered a load of metal piping or cables they no longer need, during a spot of DIY. As with all our customers, we are happy to turn up at your home anywhere in Southampton with one of our trucks to collect the metal from you, and to provide a valuation for its scrap value.

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Commercial clients

Commercial customers come from a number of different sectors and their contributions to the recycling centre can be a few bits of copper wiring from an electrician’s rewiring job, right the way up to massive pieces of old metal machinery in dire need of replacement. As with our domestic clients, we are delighted to collect and recover in Southampton this sort of scrap from any legitimate source.

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Car scrapping

As well as domestic and commercial scrap metal collections, our main source of fresh scrap metal is cars. Stripping down a vehicle for its metal actually takes on two parts: first we break the car, truck, or bike down into its constituent parts, to see if there is any that may be salvaged and repurposed. This can include light assemblies, engine blocks, windshields, mirrors, or practically anything, really. Once we have done this, whatever remains of the car is sent to be crushed and recycled.

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What kind of metal?

Most metals are recyclable, though some are naturally more attractive than other in terms of their use and value. Copper, stainless steel, aluminium, lead, and brass are always welcome, and these can come in many forms, as mentioned above, from ageing white goods to old factory machinery.

Get in Touch

Whatever your scrap metal needs - whether they involve dropping off or picking up anywhere in Southampton – make us your first point of call. Phone us today on 023 8066 1060, and let one of our helpful and enthusiastic staff members help you out.


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Address - Unit 14, Brokenford Lane, Brokenford Business Park, Southampton, SO40 9DY

Copyright © 2018.  New Forest Metal

Recycling Limited. All Right Reserved

Address - Unit 14, Brokenford Lane,

Brokenford Business Park,

Southampton, SO40 9DY